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  • You would like to have your very own comic for display on your website or your magazine, but you don’t know where to start looking?
  • You have the ideas, but don’t know how to get them into a comic?
  • You don’t have or don’t want to spend time on forming ideas, but still want a comic for your business?

Look no further, you came to the right person for the job! Start realising that comic today and boost your business with unique comic content that will be loved by your customers.


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You have a magazine or website that revolves around gaming.

Making it in the gaming world today as a magazine or website is hard. There is a lot of competition and readers can be picky. You know that, and that’s why you’re looking for unique and awesome content to add to your business. A comic is right what you need, and here is why:

  • Comics are unique, giving you a headstart on the competition.
  • They’re easily shared around the internet, or quickly passed on when reading a magazine.
  • Comics have a big chance of going viral, which in turn leads to more business
  • People often think twice about reading a lengthy review if 2000 words, but a comic stands out, is short, and is instantly read by most people.
  • Your customers will love that you put a smile on their face everytime there is a new comic.
  • It’s a different way to represent the medium you love most; gaming.
  • Having your own comic character that is linked to your business is like having a mascot.
  • Comics often depict things that happen to people in a game. Because of this, having a comic can help build a community around your business

Your business is looking for original advertising opportunity

You want to do something special for your next advertising campaign. You’re tired of the normal ads that people don’t usually read anyway. A comic is your answer, and here is why:

  • People read comics. They get way more clicks than advertising does, since people like to be entertained.
  • Chance of going viral. A comic is easily shared. People share what they like. More sharing is more visibility, which means more business for you in the end.
  • What better way to have people remember your advertising than by putting a smile on their face.

comic word bubble 3 what to expect

  • Original content, relevent for your customers
  • Comics produced in a professional way
  • Ready for both digital and traditional publishing
  • Multiple possible drawing styles
  • visibility and publicity

When you choose to get a comic for your business, we will work together to ensure the best possible result.

You can be unique. You can be succesful.

If you want to know more about how I can help you, feel free to read the following comic which explains who I am, how I can help you and why you should seriously consider having a comic.

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