Comic projects

Jesse’s Adventure

Jesse Todorovic is having one hell of a night at his job. Working the graveyard shift at the Mammoth Shack, he has an encounter that forever will change his life.

NOTE: The following chapter downloads are still a WIP in progress. Especially the first chapter and the first half of the second chapter will be reworked into proper comic format. The comic started out with a different format as an experiment and turned into a full comic project due to popular demand. Once the chapters have been reworked, they will be readable for free at their own website! For now, have fun with the original, unedited version:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Twin Dragons world guide

The Twin Dragons world guide! As promised in the first volume kickstarter stretch goals, I’m working on a World Guide, explaining some of world building of the comic.

The world guide is currently being written and created. The newest page can be viewed as a voting incentive on TopWebComics, and the previous pages, you can find here:

World Guide gallery